Slang term in Philly meaning the boy. Also can be used as a general way to mention or address someone.
It can also be used as a prefix to someones name.
Yo where did you get that dub from?

The Bough up the block hooked it up
The Bough Terrence hooked it up

by NJ Finest July 24, 2006
a fat dirrrrttyyy slag who loves sex from n e random scrubber, talks out her arse n smells like shit
so r u a bough
by guess? February 24, 2004
Simply another word for balls that sounds nearly like the correct way to say balls.
"I looked down at my pants only to see my boughes hanging out of my zipper"
by JB and JDuck December 31, 2008
A word to say when the sentence the individual is responding to has been understood. A variant of the word 'Oh'.
"Had a little bit of the old coitus with Jessica last night."
by Jonathan_13 December 17, 2021
british television presenter and artist. most of his art is displayed in the vincent frank-bough museum, amsterdam. most of his TV output has been destroyed
e.g. `did you see that frank-bough on breakfast-TV?
by Clifford The Love Bunny December 4, 2004
when you smoke a big cone and burp and cough at the same time
by boughing March 20, 2023
The loyal sidekick of secret agent Johnny English. Smart, but extremely socially awkward, he spends a lot of time following Johnny's order and has a lot of respect and patience for the clumsy spy.
"He's talking gibberish, sir."
"Yes, I can hear that, Bough."
"He's collapsed on me, sir."
"Yes, I can see that, Bough."
by UltraHylia January 21, 2022