something that comes to an end; IN THE END
therefore making this whole conversation one side of a culture against another...which eternally leads to nowhere
by kadfhkuhfds May 1, 2005
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Eternalism is a philosophical theory that time is just another dimension, that future events are "already there", and that there is no objective flow of time. It is sometimes referred to as the "block time" or "block universe" theory due to its description of space-time as an unchanging four-dimensional "block".
Eternalism is the picture of time delivered to us by the special and general theories of relativity.
by Soel January 24, 2015
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The worst Marvel movie in the history of all marvel movies in the MCU
Person 1: Dude, have you seen the new Marvel movie Eternals?
Person 2: I wish I hadn't... *while crying* I miss Stan Lee
by I didn't use my real name! March 31, 2022
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Eterniti is a very unjque name, for a very unique girl. She is strong, beautiful, funny, and very independent. She is the type of female that makes everyone happy and can make them laugh with no ease. She sets to mood in every room.
"Omg is that Eterniti, she's hilarious!"
by Its. Ya.Girl March 28, 2018
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is neither here, nor there eternal in faith, our souls will pass into the circle...never ending, never beginning
i have a tattoo of eternity on my leg
by shim October 3, 2003
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Having no beginning and no end.
Depends... usually looks like an o or a sideways 8
by Squeed April 1, 2005
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Surreal; You know if someone says this it means something is going to go wrong
Person 1: I want to be with you for eternity
Person 2: *dies suddenly*
by Duffy October 6, 2004
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