The act of the male sex organ penetrating the female sex organ, thus installing it inside the girl.
"Houston, we have lowered our shields and are ready for installation!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 20, 2005
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installing, is the act of sticking the male sex organ into the female sex organ. Thus, INSTALLING it inside the girl.
"My Limewire is currently being installed into your system!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 20, 2005
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part of a series (of payments, books, articles etc.)
"When's the next installment of Harry Potter due to come out?"
by Kitty August 11, 2004
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A term commonly used by people who are computer illiterate and completely inept at using the internet and thus are forced to call technical support.
Agent: "Thank you for calling the internet help desk"
Cletus: "Uuuhhhh... hello? I can't get onto the internet!"
Agent: "What seems to be the problem with it?"
Cletus: "I can't get it installated..."
by General Lee December 28, 2005
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1) to load software to your computer
2) to put or assemble; fit in a piece of machinary and ready for use
3) to settle in yourself in a comfortable position
1) I installed aim in that computer
2) Go ahead install the printer
3) Yea, hold up i'm installing
by cygnuz September 30, 2004
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An exclamation following the minimal amount of work required to install an item requiring a non-trivial amount of work to install properly.

May also be used when completing any non-trivial task in a half ass manner.
Kramer places a large air conditioning unit on the sill of an open window and secures it by lowering the window's blind until it rests on the top of the unit. Proud of his work, he exclaims "Installed!"
by David GTD December 5, 2008
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<n00b_lol> hey how do i overclock my tcp driver to unlock the gigabit feature in my v.34 modem
<i_heart_rms> install gentoo
by armucat January 7, 2013
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