Free shit is something that you get for free without having to pay for it. Synonymous with just plain "free". Many people, however, get confused and think that some free shit is actually free just because they don't have to directly pay for it.
Example 1

Dude 1: This guy on street came up to me and gave me some free shit (pulls out a bag of weed)
Dude 2: Damn bro, just make sure its not laced with meth


Example 2:

Woke barista: Education and healthcare are human rights, man! Matter fact, everything should be free including food! Vote Bernie!

Based zoomer: No such thing as free shit, bro. Someone always ends up paying for it.
by yourmomsboyfriend June 8, 2019
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Free shitting is the art of litterally taking a shit wherever one damn well pleases. for example, you walk outside see a place you feel like taking a shit, so you remove your pants and force the shit out wherever you fucking want and walk on like a badass.
Expert or competetive free shitters can drop rather than remove their pants and forcefully even explosively free shit in a methodlogy that doesnt require any wiping of shit from anal areas.

Usually expert or competitive free shitters can cause a fecal explosion within seconds and walk on without as little as a batted eyelid. If one was to closely examine the Anus whilst undertaking free shitting, it would look more like a mouth, projectile vomiting fecal matter out in a powerful fountain.

But an amateur must not force free shitting too quickly or risk a prolapse or terrifying mess, covering themselves and or loved ones in shit.
The Free Shitting man walked past our house, stopped on the footpath and within a matter of seconds there was a giant turd on the ground.

Upon looking up he was already walking away. That man was a free shit expert.
by esssssjaaayy March 9, 2018
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A term used by middle aged women too refer too muscular, blonde, 19 year olds they have intense and semi-violent sex with.

Originating from the 1970's, when young women would refer to Free Shit as "The shit". The term free was added when said women realized that men would do anything.
Fantabulous, the Free Shit is checking me out! I feel like Sex in the City!
by DogFijs2 January 17, 2011
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Sugar free shits are when you eat some sugar free candy and you start shitting like crazy and your farts smell like asshole.
Bro I’ve got the sugar free shits from eating that candy.
by Chacho Dominguez October 9, 2019
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The F.S.A. is used primarily to describe "the 47%" of US citizens who not only pay nothing in federal taxes, but actually believe that they are entitled to the fruits of the labors of others. It is also used to describe a large portion of the Democratic Party who rely on the government to provide food stamps, subsidized housing allotments (Section 8), and sign themselves up for every bit of free stuff possible (also see "Ghetto Breeding Machines.").
You can often identify members of the F.S.A. (Free Shit Army) by their SNAP/Food Stamp cards, latest urban fashions, Section 8 Housing voucher-stubs, their $300. Nike tennis shoes, Apple Smartphones, and their 60" Plasma televisions.
by Vast Science January 12, 2013
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Because they pay a fortune to share a one bedroom apartment with Craigslist dipshits, buy 15 dollar martinis and 5 dollar coffees, expensive shoes, clothes or “man bags,” many of the younger denizens of Manhattan are usually broke. Because of their penury, which they are loath to admit, this group will turn to free or very inexpensive events to kid themselves that they're having a good time living in the overly expensive and neurotic shithole they call home.

Use of websites like Group On and Meetup is common. When a free venue is found (Free days at the museum, gratis concerts, movies and plays in the park, esoteric bullshsit lectures) they will turn into shuffling zombies, pack these venues to the rafters and squash any bit of fun you might have by inducing claustrophobia or annoying you with their "Got to crowd every little bit of experience into my fabulous life" insanity. When you see these people waiting on lines a block long they look like something out of a George Romero film.

Shooting these zombies though the head, although the preferred zombie eradication method, will usually lead to incarceration in a penal institution. Avoidance is the best tactic. And the only way to steer clear of Manhattan Free Shit Zombies is to go to events and venues that charge a fee. Any event with a price tag of over twenty dollars is usually sufficient to repel them.
Dylan – “Say, you want to go to the Guggenheim and check out the new exhibit? They don’t charge admission on Sunday night.”

Roger – “Fuck that shit. The place will be crawling with Manhattan Free Shit Zombies. Lets go have dinner at a nice restaurant instead. They can’t afford that."

Sally – “Want to go to Governor’s Island and catch that free reggae concert?”

Hilary – “Free shit. Must have…….”
by ZombieHater February 2, 2012
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to invade and occupy a 3rd world city or country, (usually in the middle east) destroy all modern infrastructure, murder innocent civilians labeled as terrorists while blatantly hiding ulterior motives which may include monetary or strategic gain... all in the name of freedom.
"Them Iranians??? We'z gonna free them shit outta them. We'z gonna free the shit outta them soo hard they wont know what hit em!" - Pvt. 1st Class Billy Bob

"Them Iraqi's?? We freed the shit outta them. We freed the shit outta them so good, them terrorists ran back to their mommies and we bombed em at home!!" - George W. Bush
by A_A February 6, 2008
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