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A device that functions similar to a megaphone, but outputs only negative sentences.
"SAVE THE WHALES" said a protester accidentally using a negaphone. "FUCK THAT BLACK CUNT" is what the audience heard.
by backotruck December 07, 2016
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A scientist who turns research into habitual lies.
In the last century, Phillip-Morris paid off many lientists to create false outcomes from cigarette research.
by backotruck January 09, 2013
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Angels that fly around your head after you get knocked the fuck out.
Darius knew that he shouldn't have fucked with Trey after he woke up on the floor of the Arby's with 7-10 paingels flying about his head.
by backotruck May 12, 2013
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A pedestrian that is ambling in front of you, unaware of your need to pass him/her.
I was in downtown and the pedestretard who came out of the law firm didn't notice me OR my pace.
by backotruck May 15, 2012
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An idea for an email server which utilizes CentOS and Zimbra.
I thought of the idea of the CentMailBox while working on mail solution at work.
by backotruck February 10, 2012
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Lucius knows that he is in the minority being the only afrobat in Circ du Soleil.
by backotruck May 28, 2013
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On the way out to meet his friends, Frank remembered his alculator. Invaluable when determining how much he can drink that evening.
by backotruck July 30, 2012
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