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Repeats with new scenes. Originated from The Office: NBC wanted to spice things up a bit without creating more episodes, so they cut new scenes into their old episodes.
"Did you see that newpeat of Jim and Pam from the office last Thursday?"
by b to the rizzle March 20, 2007
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-The clearly most queer mtv channel yet, Logo is a channel where there is gay content is on 24/7...be gay be proud
You Watch LOGO!, nigga u gay
by b to the rizzle February 27, 2007
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1. A guy that is known as a player,pimp

2. A guy that goes after mostly jewish girls
1: Chadmister is getting all the chicks in synagogue
2: What a mackajewea
by b to the rizzle May 3, 2007
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verb usually used passively to get schooled or housed or salted or just beaten outright
(as kobe takes the backdoor cut to the hoop and hits the 360 hookshot)

Announcer: Paul Pierce is getting schlacked by kobe tonight
by b to the rizzle March 3, 2007
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A character on the boondocks who is a lawyer who ironically is a prosecutor and sends many black men to what her fears most, anal rape in prison. In one episode, Tom dreams of being anal raped after dropping the soap.
Did you hear about that Tom Dubois on the Boondocks last night?
by b to the rizzle February 12, 2007
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The exact opposite of sicknasty

Something that sucks to an extreme degree. Specifically, the exact degree to which something sicknasty is awesome.
That concert last night was terrible. I was expected to be wowed with solos and energetic theatrics, but instead they lip-synched with a shit recording to add up to one of the most sucknasty performances in recent history.
by b to the rizzle July 28, 2008
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