in jail, men have showers together. to drop the soap is to bend over so the man near you can give you a screw
by Anonymous June 2, 2003
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If you drop the soap that means you get anal raped in the prison shower, I know from experience
Jayden dropped the soap and got the double whammy slammy from Tyrone
by DaddyOz May 29, 2018
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To "Drop the soap" is to accidently, or absent mindedly, put yourself in a vulnerable position. Derived from the idea that in a prison shower, if you were to drop the soap, and bend over to pick it up, you would expose your anus to rape.
"We're surrounded, don't make any sudden moves, and for christ's sake don't drop the soap!"
by Ethan M. November 10, 2006
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When you drop the soap in prison and a mans rapes you.
*drop the soap* oh no * picks it up* uhhhh ah get that out of me uhhh.
by Shit all the names taken November 14, 2019
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To do something horribly, horribly stupid that leaves you wide open to be screwed, like in a prison shower. Screwage may be figurative or literal.
by matt November 1, 2003
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When two men in prison are interested in a sexually intimate relationship, they decide to drop the soap so that one man can come behind like donkey and insert his schlong into the other man's anal cavity.
Drop the Soap: Joey dropped the soap in the showers at the school's gym and coach Dobson came behind like donkey and committed the deed.
by Long w e e n boi November 13, 2019
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The unfortunate occurrence when a prison inmate drops the soap in the shower. As they bend down to reach for the soap, they are forcibly penetrated in the ass by a horny, desperate inmate behind them. Thats why you shouldn't go to jail, kiddies!
Inmate: Ooops! I dropped the soap! I sure hope a big, strong, black man doesn't do me up the butt! Teehee!
*Bends down to grab the soap in a seductive manner and gets buttsexed*
Inmate: mmmm, dropping the soap is so fun!
by Dropthesoaptrolol June 22, 2011
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