Jamaican god of reggea music whose joint is still smoking decades after he left us alone on earth.
BMW: Bob Marley & the Wailers
by Ten Mile June 18, 2013
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A Reggae God and the favorite son of Jamaica; popular from the 70s through today; most people associate him only with marijuana although his music is really incredible; political activist, rastafarian, ghetto rebel
A major problem with todays uptight society is that his music is written off as the rantings of a stoner, when in fact it really his songs spread the message of a rebel and activist
by anon. July 18, 2003
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Anybody who writes off Bob Marley's music as the "rantings of a stoner", is either so closed-minded they will make judgments about things they know nothing about, or is simply stupid. Either way that person is fool #1.

Bob Marley was a great spiritual geezer, a wise man. He was outspoken about politics and spirituality, among other issues. He was originally a member of the Wailers, the nucleus of which was himself, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer (aka Neville Livingston).
Bob Marley 1945 - 1981
by Nigel Tufnel February 8, 2005
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The greatest reggae artist ever. Most people associate his name with weed, but it's just part of his religious beliefs (he's Rastafarian). He was so great, there may still be a debate on whether his body should be kept by Jamaica or handed over to his wife to be sent back to Africa. No other reggae artists can compare to him.
Wer'e Jammin, jammin, jammin, jammin,
I wanna jam it with you.
Holy man Zion, Holy man Zion...

-Bob Marley (1945-1981)
by Bahama Boss October 29, 2005
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Real name is Robert Nesta Marley. Greatest man ever born. He believed hatred was a disease and his music and love could cure it. He was right. He smoked marijuana because he was a rastafarian and because weed is calming agent.
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.--Bob Marley
by bfmvsmiles93 June 24, 2009
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He is very loved by poser-wannabe stoners everywhere.
Poser-Wannabe Stoner : "Dude, I LOVE Bob Marley"

RandomPerson - "Oh cool, what songs of his do you like?"

Poser-Wannabe Stoner : "Uhhhh... that one about smoking weed..... "
by m!kayla June 18, 2011
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