Like other pants, but better
Why wear blue jeans when you could wear black jeans?
by absolutelybillsmood September 4, 2015
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A song by a beautiful woman that is smoking hot and you wish you were the guy that got to put your fingers in her mouth
Dang that sounds like blue jeans my dude
by Larry is cool May 22, 2019
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Blue jeans - the common act of shitting oneself
Dave was in the bar in Spain and blue jeans himself all over the Jack's. What a Pig.
by Burto2 November 10, 2018
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A youthful evangelical, usually with a goatee, who espouses the "come as you are" mentality in churches. These guys are near fascists when it comes to their belief that a necktie will block God's power. In other words, if you wear a suit to church you will burn in Hell. These guys can be seen wearing tight jeans and untucked shirts to church and like to carry a guitar in their Chevy truck as to not appear unhip with the luscious little honeys that he wants to fondle when his wife is at the Baptist Ladies’ Bible Study/Lunches.
Mike beat an old man with a baseball bat today for shaving before coming to chuch. He is a militant Blue Jean Baptist.
by Gary Vitalis July 31, 2008
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A lesbian who identifies as femme, or feminine, but prefers jeans and more casual clothing to dresses and skirts.
"She's not butch, but she isn't super femme, either. What kind of lesbian is she?"

"Maybe she's blue jean femme."
by BJF109 February 14, 2010
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When said pair of blue jeans have been cut into shorts to almost resemble thong like panties. Also mainly wore on women that should not be wearing them.
"Dam her cut-offs are to short and they are ridding up her ass!" "What you never seen blue jean panties before?"
by Blue Jean Panties July 21, 2009
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The soreness a woman has on her crotch after a long session of dry humping when she is wearing blue jeans.
Kemper has been complaining all day of the blue jean bruises she got last night from Jon Bon Jovi.
by Crystal Rawls March 2, 2007
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