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92 definitions by asdf

Beats the happen to be phat and fucking at the same time.
by asdf November 30, 2003
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And then he asked,"What's a pio?"
by asdf March 17, 2005
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"If we get caught, we're not going to white-collar resort prison. No, no, no. We're going to federal PMITAP."
by asdf April 10, 2005
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Person from Iran.One of the only countries in the world that still executes little kids.
Your average Persian thinks of him/her self as the most beautiful people, but in reality they are nothing more than desert monkies.
by asdf March 5, 2005
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1. A night where gay fucks from HS dance in GYMS while wearing tuxedo's to get laid for shizzy at the end of the night tho.
2. Waste of time, energy and money. It would be better if guaranteed sex was only thing that happened on prom nights.
by asdf August 6, 2003
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(British) Kicking somebody when they're down.
Once it became obvious he would be fired, the entire office took the chance to put the boot in.
by asdf April 19, 2005
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