92 definitions by asdf

some guy that participates in a lame ass sport like football and usually gets all the ladies...
I hate those damn jocks every one of them gotz 3 ladies
by asdf November 19, 2002
A person who is a slave to corporate jobs where you must wear white collars and suites like space monkeys all of you... MONKEYS!!!
i feel like a white collared slave workin for IBM... fuck this *loads gun and shoots self
by asdf December 4, 2002
Austraillian slang for a vagina.
Hey girl, let me see your mapatasi.
by asdf January 24, 2003
Person from Iran.One of the only countries in the world that still executes little kids.
Your average Persian thinks of him/her self as the most beautiful people, but in reality they are nothing more than desert monkies.
by asdf March 5, 2005
asdf sniffs ghjk's period stained underwear
by asdf May 28, 2003
dip your nutsack into someone elses mouth... in a tea makeing process
did you tea bag your girlfriend while she was asleep
by asdf November 18, 2002