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Driving While Female: Driving horribly because you are female.
That girl almost ran me off the road, she should be arrested for a DWF
by asdf April 19, 2003

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One who believes it's wrong to eat meat and byproducts of animals, but thinks they're a vampire in the traditional sense.

See Deadgod.
Wow, that fucktard deadgod says he is a vampire but won't touch animal meat.
by asdf August 22, 2003

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A person who is a slave to corporate jobs where you must wear white collars and suites like space monkeys all of you... MONKEYS!!!
i feel like a white collared slave workin for IBM... fuck this *loads gun and shoots self
by asdf December 04, 2002

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a Canadian family name
"The loranger's were proud Canadian mounties"
by asdf December 31, 2004

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male butt hugger; licker of monkey testicles
Geehi please stop abusing my helper monkey.
by asdf April 23, 2003

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A CD containing vital game files and fixes for popular games such as Counter-Strike, UT2003, etc.

Must be pronouced with strong infliction, straining the voice with a pseudo ghetto rise in pitch.
Hit me up with the CS supAdISCK!
by asdf January 20, 2004

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sinn-ent-leert: without sense
made popular by www.ballz.de
this school lesson is sin&lerd
welcome to the sin&lerd show
by asdf January 22, 2005

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