(N.) A 49-year old, washed up, decrepid, never-has-been, from "The Mean Streets Of Boston" that presently holds the offical title (as voted by America itself) as "World's Worst Rapper" (who would have only been challenged by Ja Rule, if Ja Rule was considered "rap") He is the ceo of the now highly unpopular hip-hop magazine, "The Source" and used whatever little money he had to self-produce his own Eminem-bashing albums, which have now gone double-plastic (selling upwards of a staggering 9000 copies worldwide!) in a lame attempt to try to be the "Savior of Hip Hop" in an elaborate conspiracy he created himself about "The Man" controlling African-Americans through music.
Hey, did you see them selling Benzino's "Redemption" at Dollar World. I got ten for a dollar. They make great litter-box liners, are good for shotgun practice, and are cheaper than blank CDs! Yeah, and not only that, but if you buy "The Best of Benzino," you'll get that, too!
by G-Union May 8, 2003
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Only rapper who has only 2 lines describing him on wikipedia.
Benzino is a fag.
by yandawg July 11, 2008
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I 48 yer old rapper who called out Shady Records and lost all of his dignitiy
by asdf May 29, 2003
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the half-white half-black rapper from boston who lost the battle with eminem. he also owns The Source magazine
by E.N.V.Y. August 20, 2003
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I would never claim to be no... Ray Benzino... an 83-year-old fake Pachino.
by Anonymous November 3, 2003
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An unknown person. The authors of websters dictionary are still trying to figure out who the fuck this guy is. Actually we only posted this here to find out if anybody knows who this person is let us know!!!!!!!
fictitous, unknown, never heard of or about
by Jeremy February 22, 2004
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1. A untalented rapper who has control over a lackluster audience; in reference to the 14,589 albums sold in the first weeks of distribution.

2. Half a man of a half of magazine with a reputation of being noticed only on The SOURCE Compilations.

3. Also known as Hasbenzino.
Untalented rapper Benzino had dug himself a hole in the grave when he attempted to shout out disrespect to Eminem (Shady), 50 Cent(G-Unit), Dr. Dre(Aftermath). In example to Eminem's song Nail In The Coffin via Benzino's Die Another Day
by Charles Barrett October 7, 2003
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