Minh is such an amazing person ! , everything about him is great . He is able to put a huge smile , from ear to ear on your face in less than a minute. Hi's smile is adorable and his dimples are the absolute cutest things ever . Minh is a very trust worthy person , and is someone that everyone would want to have in their lives! Although only the lucky ones are fortunate enough to have him in theirs . he is such a bubbly person to be around , and knows how to keep a conversation going for hours and hours ! . no matter how long you spend with minh , there will keep being more and more surprises , as his personality is amazing !. minh is one in a million , if you catch my drift HAHA what can i say "he didn't choose the bubbly life, the bubbly life chose him " :)
emma: omg who was that ?
kierra: that's minh, he is just amazing !
by Bubbly Gates April 19, 2013
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A very short pretty-boy-looking girl, that can be often spotted wearing boy clothing (namely flannel shirts). Does not have the ability to cook anything besides eggs, including flan, which will also taste like egg. Food she cooks has the ability to poison, so approach with caution. She's very flirtatious with the tall skinny type-namely Davids. Special ability includes math and talking in third person.
David: "Hey Jonathan did you try Minh's flan yet?"

Jonathan: "Yeah, tasted like egg"

Edmund: "THAT WAS FLAN?!"
by The awesomeone April 3, 2011
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A word to describe a person who intelligent, open-minded, handsome and seductive toward others.
I'm going to invite a guy who so minh to the party tonight. You're gonna like him.
by GiauMinh August 31, 2017
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coolest asian dude with the sickest hair
that minh dude gels his hair so 1337
by asdf January 10, 2005
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super sexy Deaf man that flirts with every hearing girl that gives him the time of day. also likes to confuse people.
Minh is such a two-typer
by youknowwhoitis22 August 24, 2012
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When you or your friend messes up so badly that you need a word stronger than throwing
Guy 1: *completely misses a soccer goal*
Guy 2: "Bro, you're literally Minhing"
Guy 1: nuh uh
by maximusthereal August 29, 2023
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