An extremely ugly woman; a woman that you would only have sex with if a bag were placed over her ugly ass face.
Your girlfriend is a bagger!
by jones February 5, 2003
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A bicyclist that is more focused on how much they can haul on their bike than actually riding the bike. Adding bags upon bags to carry things they will never really need. Some items may include tiki torches, hammocks, camping chairs, box fans, art easels, welding equipment, sewing machines and last but not least a customized kick stand to hold the 900 pound bicycle that they have created. The majority of the equipment that they haul on their bike is used only when they are not riding the bicycle. A bagger will speak often of riding a bicycle even though the majority of the time is spent doing anything but riding. They are helpful from time to time as one thing they do have in their bags is beer.
"Look at that homeless man on the bicycle mommy" "no honey, that's just a bagger. "
by Mr tinkle September 22, 2015
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A flamboyant member of the Tea Party. A derivative of the word teabagger which describes the costumes with teabags that Tea Party members wear. Sometimes it is used as a derrogatory name because it also depicts a unique sexual act in which ones scrotum is dangled over anothers face.
Did you see that bagger in the red leotards, high-heeled bucked shoes and three cornered hat with tea bags hanging from it?
by AlterEgo55 November 2, 2011
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A person with an awesome body with a face only a mother could love. Used to describe how one wishes a bag could be placed over the person's head.
Guy: that girl is such a bagger. I wish I could just hide her face from the world.
by US Beef June 15, 2007
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A term used by wildland fire fighters. refers to type 2 crews, who at one time had to strap their lunch the outside of their packs, due to lack of room. Often used by hotshots or type 1 crews as a derogatory term.
by leroy December 27, 2003
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Black person, from Will Smith's character in the movie Bagger Vance. Used because non-blacks can't use the n-word.
That bagger hasn't passed the ball once in this game.
by simmagus August 31, 2006
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A term used by wildland firefighters as a derogatory term to an individual or entire group or it can refer to any action of lower standards (ie, a bagger thing you did)

type 2 crews are NOT baggers, but they can be, but so can shots.
Look at that bagger falling out.

Nice job crapping in the black, what a bagger move.
by DlsC2 October 23, 2010
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