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male butt hugger; licker of monkey testicles
Geehi please stop abusing my helper monkey.
by asdf April 23, 2003
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asdf sniffs ghjk's period stained underwear
by asdf May 28, 2003
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the affectionate act of eating another person.
* nick1 glomphs nick2
by asdf December 7, 2003
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This is the infamous F-word. the first swear word anyone learns. it is the most versatile word in the english language, with most of its definitions not within the english language. it can be used any way you like, insert it in between any word, sentence, letter. it probably fits. the definitions below are some common usages and phrases.

1. v. to have sex
2. n. the act of having sex
3. adj. with suffix -ed. general derogatory meaning
4. a general insult
5. n. attention or care of (usually lack thereof)
6. v. to disregard, ignore (used with -it, -that)
7. v. to mess up, destroy, mangle, etc. (used with suffix -up)
8. exclaimation of emotion
9. derogatory dismissal
10. expression of confusion
11. very, extremely
12. n. a person you don't like
13. bother, agitate
14. v. to be in distress
1. i like to fuck.
2. that was a good fuck.
3. he is fucked.
4. fuck you.
5. i don't give a fuck.
6. fuck that.
7. he fucked up the car really badly.
8. oh, fuck!
9. fuck off.
10. what the fuck?
11. that was fucking amazing.
12. he's a fucker.
13. are you trying to fuck with me?
14. I'm fucked.
by asdf May 14, 2003
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comes from the culture of "speedy the spatula and co." but many little fuckers like cell phone (click that u fuck and vote for mine thats like "ima fuck u up" ok good u little fuck)

click it u jew
ARE WE REALLY GETTING A TRAMPOLINE? no? oh...well fuck you are, mom. go burn in hell u little shit cock fucker bitchass whore cock sucker.
by asdf May 16, 2004
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slang for juvenile hall, where young offenders go and get assraped.
by asdf March 21, 2003
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german, abbreviation for "keine ahnung", saying "no idea"
-wo ist john? (where's john)
-KA (no idea)
by asdf January 21, 2005
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