The rape channel. If you see a woman on Lifetime, sometime within the next 30 minutes she's going to get raped. I'm not making light of rape, but Lifetime is just ridiculous.
Lifetime -- All rape, all the time.
by richmahogany February 14, 2007
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a bad channel that "inspires" women with stories about women with breast cancer that were molested as a child getting beat up by their alcoholic unemployed mullet husband.
I think lifetime is for man-hating lesbians
by asdf March 18, 2004
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The battered woman channel.

Nothing wrong with a channel for women, but it seems this network is run by men-hating extreme feminists.
How long has that channel been around, anyway?
by Mehh July 15, 2004
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A depressing tv network which hurts women more than pure misogyny with its mindnumbing, predictable shows about women who get beaten, raped, abducted by aliens, committed to mental hospitals, sexually harassed, brainwashed, etc.
Do women who watch Lifetime ever leave the house, or are they afraid to?
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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1) A television channel where people immediately skip it as they channel surf to watch better programming. Where women watch awful shows and movies, as a form of escape and source of drama or excitement that they might be lacking their lives.

2) The only channel run by close-minded idiots. Just watching five minutes of a show/movie in Lifetime makes you wonder, if the CEO is a feminazi.The plots consist of a teenage girl or woman who is being mistreated and abused by men. For some reason, men are always pure evil, abusive druggies who cheat and rape, while women are always kind angels who can never do any wrong. The women are portrayed as innocent, fragile creatures and act annoying and pathetic, because they are "dramatically victimized" by men. In the end, the woman overcomes her fears of her oppressor (men), and becomes a "hero" for many other women. Other plots in Lifetime shows/movies also consist of women dying from a terminal disease, their families getting killed, or them ending up in a coma. In the end, Lifetime gives a bad example to women by giving misconceptions of men being scumbags and pigs.
Do women even watch Lifetime? It's so freaking boring...
by pictouch May 15, 2013
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Is there a reason why this boring channel is even on the air?
I don't know of anybody who even watches Lifetime anywy.
by Matt October 4, 2003
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(adj.) Something that would be said on the Lifetime Channel. Something said to a guy or by a guy in a public manner that should not be said outloud or in front of others.
"I saw comment you left on Stans MySpace page, dude. Telling him you miss your long talks was so Lifetime."

"Steve had a Lifetime moment last night at the bar when Sheila drunkenly announced on stage that she hopes they will spend the rest of their lives in each others arms and walking side by side."
by JessieBeth999 October 26, 2007
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