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See: deepthroat.

When a girl takes your cock all the way into her throat, and tries shave your pubic hair with her teeth.
John: I heard heather can deepthroat like Jenna Jameson.

Tom: Yeah, she mowed my lawn last night.
by Anti January 12, 2005

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kids who listen to indie music. generally elitist, white upper-middle class males who get pissed when anyone starts talking about music. they are obsessed with finding bands no one has heard of, only to claim they hate them once they make it big. ex: modest mouse, franz ferdinand(sp?), the shins. now only listen to music they found on purevolume.com, or college radio. they like bands like Ambulence LTD, death from above 1979, and kill hannah. but not anymore, because someone else knows about them. general attitude of punks, but less angry at the government and more angry at everyone else.
"I'm more entitled to listen to this, because i found it first. go listen to good charolette and 50 cent, you pillow biter!"
by anti May 20, 2005

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The guy who steals your ass spoone if you get really drunk.
yup, he's smashed
by anti February 09, 2005

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Possesing two pistols of the same type, and usinging them both at the same time. kick ass, and just fuckin cool.
Johnson was kicking some serious ass with those two magnums. He's Ballin
by Anti January 09, 2005

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REALLY REALLY drunk. like, so drunk you just start saying random shit like "Brain boitano stole our ass spoones" or "stahy away, i go ta niphe".

sober up dude...
by anti February 09, 2005

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1. Criminal Activity
2. Sexual Activity
3. A man's bladder
1. Jimmy's gonna be here in a few minutes with my... bidniss...

2. John and Clara wheren't alone for more than 2 minutes before they started getting down to 'bidniss'.

3. Phil keeps grabbin his cock, I think he needs to take care of bidniss.
by Anti January 19, 2005

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