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In CounterStrike, the Autoshotgun. You can spot a noob from a mile away because of the sound.
"shit, you look like a huge walking twat useing the fuckin noobcannon. get some fucking talent."
by Anti November 30, 2004

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Used in agreement of something amazing...
Can also be used condescendingly or sarcastically; (see "seems legit")
Example 1:
Guy: I have a new mixtape i dropped shits dope
Other Guy: Fuck yea

Example 2:
Douche Bag: Yo son i run this game like im weezy an shit.
Assassin: Fuck yea
by AnTi February 18, 2013

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what you say when someone asks if your girl has a boyfriend, and she does. see example.
coined in eurotrip.
John: Dude... Sharron gives the best blowjob ever.
Tim: Isn't she dating steve?
John: Scotty doesn't know.
by Anti February 04, 2005

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The Messianic figure in the story of Coheed and Cambria, a four part story by the lead singer. all of their songs tell parts of the story. Visit the message boards at www.coheedandcambria.com for more information.
Tim: Dude, I thought Coheed was the crowing, not claudio!
Johnny: You're retarded.
by Anti January 23, 2005

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Damn, dude! take a shower, you got the funk!
by Anti January 02, 2005

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Masturbating into a sock, and then having to launder it yourself to avoid a questioning mother.
i shoulda just gone to the bathroom to shoot my load, but i used a sock. now i gotta go do sock laundry.
by anti March 21, 2005

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1. to inbibe alcohol in a very quick and almost violent manner.

2. anything taken in a similar manner
1. after he slammed those five shots of 151, he started vomiting in an equally violent manner.

2. 'my heartburn was so bad, all i wanted to do was get home and slam a couple tums.'
by Anti February 01, 2005

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