Any localized music-oriented community of bands and their fans. Local music scenes become a key role in incidents of disharmony (“drama”) for individuals between the age 18 and 37 years-old. While many local music scenes purport to extol “unity” and “cooperation” and similar such ideals, at the end of the day, all scenesters know that their participation in the scene is ultimately reducible to the fact that they enjoy groupthink, self-censorship, and pretending to have a legitimate excuse for not completing their undergraduate education.
Person 1: Whatever happened to that guy? As I recall he was pretty smart, not to mention cool. What is he up to these days?

Person 2: Not much. He was involved in the local music scene for the past twenty years, and now he is living with his parents and "attending" the University of Phoenix.

Person 1: Oh.
by GibsonMesaBoogie May 18, 2010
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