a very hardcore breed, born and raised in alaska is the only way known to man to be a true hardass. grueling conditions and terrian either makes or breakes MEN
he was raised in alaska therefore he can kick anyones ass that was raised in the lower 48 states.
Alaskans learn to live off the land and can survive anywere with anything, or nothing
by Chris deffenbaugh January 14, 2008
a strong drink: mixture of Bailey's Irish Cream and whiskey on the rocks. The only drink capable of being called "The Alaskan"
The Alaskan is the best drink ever.
by akwakeboarder May 3, 2010
An amazing alcoholic beverage consisting of whiskey and baileys
DD: bro, what is that beast of a drink?
Inebriated Man: dude, its the Alaskan!
by bartender bob May 1, 2010
Alaskan: A person from Alaska, born in Alaska, or of Alaskan citizenship or origin.

Alaskan: Word usually put in front of random words related to wildlife, Northern way of living or food, thus forming an expression referring to a somewhat deviant, humiliating or purely fictive sexual game or habit, usually involving ice feces and oral sex.
Alaskan: Lucy just moved into town. I heard she's Alaskan.

Alaskan: Jenna told me this guy gave Lucy the Alaskan Jackhammer. Lucy went back to Alaska.
by WordsOfWisdom_LetMeBe October 5, 2011
Residents of the 49th state of the United States. Alaskans reside in a frozen wasteland full of oil drilling, moose, and can see Russia from their backyard. Separated from the lower 48 and bordering Canada, Alaskans are really like the Canadian bastard stepchildren we adopted.
You know, Alaskans are really pretty much just adopted Canadians... aye.
by UWDT October 14, 2008
When your having sex with a girl and you want to fill all holes. you put your dick in her vagina. then your two thumbs in the ears with your pinky's covering the nostril. while your kissing her then shove your big toe up her ass. this will completely cover the holes.
Steven L.: Hey you want to try something new.
Hannah L. : Like what?
Steven L.: Can I give you an Alaskan blowhole.
by DLDLP February 8, 2017
When your girl is on her period, so you put a tampon inside the freezer and then stick it in her ass while fucking her.
"I put an Alaskan Firefly in her last night, pretty good shit."
by nuttery October 23, 2017