41 definition by anti

When you jiz on a paper towel (or rag) and then clean the lint off your cock with the dampened towel (or rag).
Mom: Timmy, why is there lint on this paper towel?

Timmy: Swedish rag!
by Anti January 01, 2005

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against elite
harry is anti1337
by Anti October 14, 2003

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Cheaters that don't get caught.s
Bush TOTALLY won the '00 election
by Anti October 25, 2004

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it goes like this. buttload x10 = assload x10 = crapload x10 = shitload x10 = fuckload. metric units are traditionally less, and between the said unit and the one before it.
dude, thats not a shitload. thats barely even an assload. its like, a metric assload.
by Anti November 22, 2004

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1. ME.

2. Someone who is in all ways against any form of established culture, religion, and values.
1. duh.

2. see counter-culture, disestablishmentarianism, punk, and nhilism. "that guy said he's an anti, but practically lives in hot topic. poser.'"
by Anti February 04, 2005

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emocore. combonation of hardcore and emo, related to hxc and sxe. emo core is for kids age 16-25 who like to cry, but dont want to look like TOTAL pussies.
"emo is sooo cliche. i only listen to screamo and emo-core.
by anti March 19, 2005

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The incredibly fucked up duck looking thing from the ancient atari game 'Adventure'. It was supposed to be a dragon, but someone was smoking just a little bit too much crack. coined by strong bad.
Someone get this freakin duck away from me!
by Anti January 01, 2005

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