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In organized crime, Mob Bosses cannot leave anywhere for the fear of ambush, so they have legal representatives go in their place. One of the highest positions for a non-family member in the Mob.

Also used in College, when a 'leader' wants nothing to do with someone, they will have to talk to his Consignatary.
1. "Damn, we were gonna hit that Mafioso, but the fucker just sent a Consignatary..."

2. Hold on, lemme see if he wants to talk to you. okay, no, he's unavailable.
by Anti October 15, 2004

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Kick ass artist, and all around lovable and sexy man-beast. Notable for his wonderful Earthbound and Metroid art.
Gonmon has once again set the standard for PWNage.
by Anti September 21, 2003

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pluging one nostril and discharging snot out the other. see snot rocket. can also be used for entertainment purposes.
johnny hit the bum from the 5th story of a parking garage with a massive farmer snort.
by anti May 14, 2005

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When someone comes up behind you and either kicks or hits you in the balls from behind, squishing your rod and tackle against your gootch. Extremely painful, and nearly impossible to block or prepare for, unlike the roshambo. The only defense is extreamly baggy pants, or a cup.
John was lying the the ground for ten minutes after getting gootched.
by Anti November 12, 2004

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Similar to the often seen \m/, the 'rock on' symbol, the \\n/ is the shocker version. also see: shocka.
Two in the pink, one in the stink. SHOCKAZ FO LIFE!
by Anti October 02, 2004

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When a chick doesn't clean her cootch properly, and her poon starts to smell like Chili Cheese Fritos. VERY, VERY NASTY. Can result in nausea and vomiting by said chick's boyfriend, and stalking behaviors.
I was fingering her, but she ended up with Fritos Syndrome. My finger smelled like it for a week!
by Anti November 17, 2004

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Long live paper and scissors.
john: rock is fucking dead man...
Stan: long live paper and scissors!
by Anti December 02, 2004

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