Sharron is also a genuine person with feelings. She is educated and has the power of wit to argue with. Her sarcasm is at her highest when she meets stupid people. To know a Sharron is to a gift to a friendship for life and a Sharron keeps her friends forever. She also thinks Kennys are brilliant too :)
by saffrican February 12, 2010
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a really mean person who is very cold. synonymous to manipulative, unkind and vindictive.
Why is she being so Sharron?
by PandelWodd July 1, 2010
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A middle aged white woman which can be found in a store, wearing pyjamas with her six children who wont shut the fuck up. They are a breed of Karen native to southern Ireland. Another common feature of a Sharron is a half used fag hanging out of her mouth.
"Oh my god that Sharron wont shut up! Poor manager"

Stereotypical middle aged Irish woman.
by the big boy hacker man May 28, 2021
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1) One sexy bitch(n.)
2) to seduce(v.)
3) To backwards march(v.)
1) Tarick - "dat Sharron bitch is SEXY!"
Sarah- "i'd ass that Sharron"
Stephen- "i'd make Sharron rain blood"
Richard- "..."
2) Sarah- "i'm gonna sharron Tarick"
3) Richard "Sharroning is hard at a fast tempo"
by raining blood September 8, 2008
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Sharron is another word for someone intellectualy limited who to cover up for her lack of intelligence uses all the words she knows in one sentence. Most of the time behaves erraticaly in a bid to gain attention as nobody seem to really care about her. Middle aged, lonely, not very bright and deeply unattractive, Sharron would throw herself at anyone who would have her to fill the emptiness that is her life.
Who that on the dance floor??? is that your gran?? No, its sharron, the town bike, just ignore her, everybody else does...
by get a life troll February 5, 2010
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Sharron peters is your random
Crack whore that blows cock
For crack.thus she is sharing
Peter-sharron peters. No vaginal
Sex ,just blow jobs.
Yeah bro,don't know that hoe.
Think they call her Sharron Peters . They say if you give her
A hit of crack , she'll suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!!
by ramm jett November 24, 2016
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(v) to mess something up horribly bad; to fail at something that was almost impossible to fail at.
Katie: Oh my God, Corinne, I totally just Sharron Angled that spelling test.

Corinne: Dude, you wrote it.
by H. Reid November 15, 2010
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