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Similar to the shocker, but opposite. For the anal whores who wouldn't feel just a pinky. One in the pink, two in the stink.
long live the shock-her.
by Anti December 30, 2004

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a woman with such amazing blowjob skills that she could wrap her tongue around a ball hitch and suck the chrome off it.
"so dude, how was it?"
"man, it was amazing... she could suck the chrome off a ball hitch."
by anti March 06, 2005

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When more than 1 1/2 times as many people as intended (rounded down) try to fit into a car. example: 5 people in a 3 seat car, 8 people in a 5 seat car, etc.
1: Dude, we crammed 9 people in my Jeep. We did a total Mexican Taxi.

2: Hey, get the fuck outta my car. This aint no mexican taxi.
by Anti January 01, 2005

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A phrase to show that you have no idea what it is, just like most americans have no idea what greek is. What people say before they look to UrbanDictionary.com
What the fuck is the Shocker? its greek to me.
by Anti January 05, 2005

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When someone in power over you forces something upon you, and you in turn force something on someone under you. like when parents punish you, then you turn around and beat on your little brother.
Sammy beat up timmy because his parents took away the xBox. he's just kicking the dog
by Anti December 30, 2004

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N: Acronym for fucked up shit.
see also: f.u.s., V-FUS
Common at drinking parties. Can be good or bad.
Good fus: finding a full 5th of bacardi 151 under the couch, the party host setting his table on fire in a small contained corner with said bacari, a solid male/female ratio with minimal gay guys.

BAD fus: spilling beer/liquor onto someone (see party foul), people making out with other people's girlfriends, packing heat to a party, pulling knifes/guns on people, lighting things on fire that don't belong to you, high male/female ratio (see sausage fest), or a large ammount of gay guys.
by Anti January 29, 2005

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Add to any genre of music to make it sound cooler, or in emo's case, slightly less whiney.
Dan: Have you heard that new band? they're so emo-core...
Max: emo-what?
Dan: emo-core!
Max: You are fuckin retarded. you dont need to add core to the end of every fuckin word.
Dan: Shut up-core!
by Anti November 30, 2004

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