An expression used to indicate that someone or something has destroyed your good mood or distracted from a good time.
A: "Jack and Emily's wedding is going to be awesome!"
B: "I heard it was going to be a cash bar."
A: "Well R.I.P. my boner."
by SmooveD February 27, 2011
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When someone or something is lame. Can be used by both sexes.
"Man my job is killing my boner day in and day out"
by N.T.T November 24, 2009
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getting on my nerves, ruining my libido
used in the Gravitation manga series by maki murakami
Dude, stop writing on my face, you're harshing my boner.
by Shuichi April 27, 2004
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An incident that occurs which causes feelings of disappointment.
That test totally farted on my boner.
I told her not to fart on my boner, but she told me the bad news anyway.
by stupidass January 16, 2006
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I need to bury my boner in a tight pussy.
I love to bury my boner in hot woman.
by Splinter disciple November 23, 2015
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To try to get rid of your boner while sleeping by folding it sideways parallel to the bed.
Guy 1: "Dude I couldn't get any sleep last night!"
Guy 2: "Why?"
Guy 1:"I was trying to fold my boner."
by faildude924 October 21, 2009
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