any group of people whose beliefs, values, styles, and attitudes differ from that of the prevailing culture. Counter-culture began with the hippie movement back in the late 60's and 70's. In today's society, counter-culture is most often seen in the alternative subcultures.
The gothic, punk, emo, skater, raver subcultures are all examples of present-day counter-cultures.
by Kimberly1000 April 14, 2006
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A misleading term coined by the music industry and MTV to trick gullible, angsty teenagers into a false sense of rebellion, either against "mainstream" music scenes, society, or at least their parents.

Counter-cultures can range from obscure and "underground" (also another industry trick word) to being popular and mainstream.

When a counter-culture becomes mainstream (such as grunge in the 90's and most recently, emo), it is still marketed as being against the mainstream although music acts of that genre might be flying off the charts. Of course this leads to the more elitist counter-culturists who follow a counter-culture just to impress their friends by following obscure, unpopular and/or cult-favorite music acts.
Common examples of counter-cultures (both mainstream and underground):
Punk(that includes you "hardcore" punk types. Don't give me any "but I'm a TRUE Punk because I hate Avril and pop-punk" bullshittery)
Raver music
Nu Metal
Gangsta Rap
Any other offshoot of Punk or Metal in general.

Let me be to the point here:
You're not unique.
You're not profound.
You're not original.

You're a sheep that follows a smaller herd. That's all. I'm not any better but at least I realise it instead of being arrogant to people about my music preferences.
by Louis Mama February 1, 2005
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a counter culture is not a culture that is different from the main culture. its not emo, ska, hippie. those are called sub culture. COUNTER CULTURE is a culture that opposes the main culture and the main culture opposes it. this would include gangs, kkk, skinheads, etc.. By studying countercultures we can see what flaws we have in real culture.
Drug dealers choose to live in a counter-culture because that is what they know.
by JOHN from MS October 28, 2007
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The bacteria that starts to grow in the kitchen when the dishes have not been done for several weeks. Predominant also in the form of specks on bowls or coffee mugs which have not been cleaned to certain standards.
We have named our counter-culture "Speckenstein" and we will train him to do our bidding, which will include washing the dishes.
by Cleanish-McGee March 30, 2007
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the opposite of whatever you're thinking.

Reason:everyone else
the fact that this word is defined in such a clever manner is 'counter-culture'
by IAMDREWOK November 8, 2007
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a cia mind control operation created with the help of nazis brought here after the war
the counter-culture is a massive psyop
by elmer fudd October 25, 2006
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1. Any beliefs/values that are opposed to societal norms and morality

2. Anything as weird as anything in definition 1 or was definition one at some point, but has already been extremely mainstream i.e politically incorrect, most nerdy stuff, and homosexuality

2a. Anything that’s cool or relatively weird enough to make kids, teens, and millennials seem cool, mature, “hip”

3. Anything that causes controversy may or may not fit definition 1.
Average hormonal millennial: “Wow kid that rolling stone concert was so counter culture!”

Average hormonal teen: “I know right us youth gotta stick together as society rejects us”.
by DiscipleOfGod October 11, 2020
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