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The best boyfreind you could ever have oh and did i menchin hes hot,a great kisser,and good at many things!!!!
i love braxton so much and hes the best
by amanda December 04, 2004
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1. Noun. A town in Fairfield County in which many run-of-the mill, boring, and uninteresting people live. Where the most talked-about event is the opening of Quiznos Sub. A place where getting drunk every night of the week is an acceptable practice, as well as blowing lines of cocain during school hours. These practices are mainly due to the extremely low amount of places to hang out/do something slightly enjoyable.

2. Noun. Also a place where many of the not-so extremely rich people of Fairfield County live, however, they believe they are hot shit (but they're really just cold diarrhia).

3. Noun. A place where the kids hang out at local gas stations.

3. Adjective. Boring; uninteresting. Not having anything to do. Mobil-goer.
She's from Brookfield, I bet she's got a few hook-ups. Lets give her a call.
by amanda May 05, 2005
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A word that Bert McCracken and Gerard Way can not pronounce.
Bert> "This Haute couture.. is some crazy shit."
by amanda April 24, 2005
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If female, means extremely slutty with an oral fixation. If male, means a huge nerd, lightweight, who is possibly homosexual.
Mrs. Hay came over last night and smoked the hell out of my pole. OR Hay is at home playing video games while hanging out w/ his female friends, then passing out after 3 beers.
by amanda February 17, 2005
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I'm ready to go... Let's leave
when a party begins to suck... Let's Bagel
by amanda November 04, 2004
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for my one and only bradley!! bmt gets credit for this
"wow that guy is so totally hgs"
by amanda January 09, 2005
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