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A growl made by a person or an animal.
Amanda likes to rawr at random.
by Amanda May 26, 2003
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1. The female form of the noun cock block.

2. Also a verb with the same meaning as cock block
Ashley: Hey, let us use your bed.
Amanda: No, I'm studying.
Ashley: Come on, don't be a vag block.
by Amanda March 08, 2005
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An ancronym that has many meanings. Thank God It's Friday is the most popular.

There is also Thank God I'm Female, as well as the others previously mentioned.
Wow, TGIF!
by Amanda November 08, 2003
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the prohibition amendment; outlawing the use & sell of alcohol or any alcoholic beverage
The 18th Amendment was not very successful.
by amanda June 23, 2003
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your belly, stomach
I'm filling my food box right now.
by Amanda March 10, 2003
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The consequences of having unprotecting sex resulting in an condition known as pregnancy. In nine months a small creature will emerge from the infected soul's vagina. Next time use a condom.
Oh wait, I think I might have the baby virus (damn those tarot card readings)
by Amanda December 05, 2002
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Came from the word cup-of-it
Bob it's been a long day...grab me a cup of vit.
by Amanda February 27, 2005
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