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reference to Cheez-It commercial in which greedy motherfathers are instructed to stop moochin and procure their own delicious cheese snacks

In hip circles, refers to people needing to raise up off deez and get their own style, own man, own clothes and own fucking Cheeze-Its
1. Mom to Daughter: Hey Becky - lemme wear you new sweater.
Daughter: Dont think so Moms - you betta get your own box!

2. Friend #1: Damn your man *is* fine.
Friend #2: Yeah he's fine and he's mine so you needs to be
gettin your own box, bitch.
by amanda April 12, 2005
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lame or sketchy, can refer to any noun
That restaurant was so glass-blown... the food sucked and they didn't even have real silverwear.

That girl is so obsessed with him that she offered to pay for his ticket. That is so glass-blown.
by amanda October 12, 2003
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n. A sometimes slightly psychotic human being. Temper is about as predictable as the weather.
Glassshoes was nice to me earlier, but as soon as I told him something he didn't want to hear, he went nuts!
by amanda January 29, 2004
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