A word invented by two dumbasses. They know who they are. DUMBASSES.

gooder means to be more good. Still invented by to dumbasses.
it is to be gooder if you help people around your community .
by Ldesir March 24, 2019
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Something that is even better than good it better than everything its amazing its GOODER
Noah: i love it its GOODER
Teacher: thats not a word
Noah: it is now
by bellathegooderbaker January 20, 2023
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Lasy people's way of saying better.
Chocolate is gooder than ice cream.
by Amanda August 9, 2004
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Short for do-gooder. A person who is helpful and righteous to an annoying degree.
Hey 'gooder! Stop looking over here and go polish your halo.
by Dave October 8, 2006
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n. A fortuitious or entertaining event.
Remember when I got drunk and convinced the Germans were after me, and you guys had to tie my legs up until I kept screaming for a medic? That was a GOODER!
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