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Beware of people who use "cute" words for food, ie. sammie, veggie, taters, nanners. maters and so on. These people usually have cute names for their private parts as well. So while they're preparing your "sammie", they are more than likely fondling their "herbert" at the same time.
"Can I fix you a (heh, heh) sammie?"
by grouchy February 02, 2008
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Sammie isn't a slut she is nice and sweet and caring person she will be a loving true friend she is very loyal and beautiful she will be that be true friend you meet until you give her a reason to not be friends she is very easily heartbroken so be careful with her feelings if you meet a Sammie keep her close its worth it trust me........
hey did you see sammie today?
yeah looking hella fine today!!!!
by princessoflove May 13, 2018
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Sammie is a nickname for Samantha.

Sammie is usually a blonde girl with a bad attitude. She is mean to everyone, has a bid head, steals your friends, and acts like she did nothing wrong. She will usually grow up to be a criminal of some kind.
Ugh there's sammie

Let's go, that girl is crazy
by Lexih12345 July 23, 2014
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She'll act all sweet and innocent, make you feel bad and cater to her whims, and make you feel like you're best friends. But really, she leaves you working on the relationship and treats you like a bag of shit and doesn't tell you jack shit. A total hypocrite and liar, and heart breaker. She uses and abuses and is full of empty promises.
by Number 00.7 August 11, 2011
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BEAUTIFUL and graceful like a flower. she is mentally strong and despite what others are saying, she doesn't fall apart. Sammie and a loving and respectful person. she isn't fake like the other bitches. she really doesn't care.
by Amanda Luster February 04, 2018
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The bitches person a girl/boy will ever meet, I slut that will care to much about what other people think, She is rude and is controlling and there is not a good friend, so do not waist your time with a Sammie
(girl one) ew look at that girl, she's so fat and ugly

(girl 2) I know her name must be sammie
by Bells16 January 15, 2010
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A really big nosed manly uglyass face faggot. The biggest bitch you'll ever meet who always tries to steal your friends and pretend like they were already hers. In reality, she has no true friends except the few that cannot get away from her, and they stick with her only because she can be funny at times but is so stupid and they constantly make fun of her. So in the end, no one likes her and she has no friends because she has a shitty personality and has a really ugly myspace.
"god, sammie is so annoying."
"isn't she your friend?"
"yes, but I hate her."
by dhjdhffuejugcfjrjdis January 07, 2008
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