Beware of people who use "cute" words for food, ie. sammie, veggie, taters, nanners. maters and so on. These people usually have cute names for their private parts as well. So while they're preparing your "sammie", they are more than likely fondling their "herbert" at the same time.
"Can I fix you a (heh, heh) sammie?"
by grouchy February 2, 2008
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sammie is the type of person u jus wanna be around. whether she’s watching naruto or trying
to desperately cook something, girl will always come thru. she sometimes turns into an animal and is often seen sleeping or laying down. absolute fucking icon. it doesn’t matter if she’s on her period or cleaning her room for the 12th time because she always is just perfect. but not only is she perfect. she is funny too for some reason. so far i can’t seem to grasp why the fuck she’s funny, but she just is. sometimes when she sleeps she does her homework at school during break. that sentence doesn’t make sense. neither does she. but i love her
wtf is sammie doing”
by jackson sum January 8, 2021
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BEAUTIFUL and graceful like a flower. she is mentally strong and despite what others are saying, she doesn't fall apart. Sammie and a loving and respectful person. she isn't fake like the other bitches. she really doesn't care.
by Amanda Luster February 4, 2018
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Sammie isn't a slut she is nice and sweet and caring person she will be a loving true friend she is very loyal and beautiful she will be that be true friend you meet until you give her a reason to not be friends she is very easily heartbroken so be careful with her feelings if you meet a Sammie keep her close its worth it trust me........
hey did you see sammie today?
yeah looking hella fine today!!!!
by princessoflove March 19, 2018
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when i think of sammie, i think of bitch. probably one of the meanest people you'll ever meet
oh that sammie girl is a bitch. she treats everyone like shit & talks shit behind their backs
by aj980 August 19, 2017
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a shy girl at first but is remarkable once you get to know her. she’s trustworthy and very popular. at sometimes, she can be a little mean, but she cools off immediately. if you ever find a sammie, KEEP HER
“I just met Sammie in the lunchroom and we became best friends so quick.”
by LokiBear January 10, 2018
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a fake ass ginger that is obsessed with guys and is only nice to people she actually likes.
nobody likes a sammie
by LittleMexican September 25, 2018
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