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The uneducated and overtly trashy individuals's version of "saw" as in, the past tense of the verb "to see"
"I seen her at the club last week and she was lookin' FLY!"
by amanda March 22, 2005
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1) Extremely sexy.
2) Excellent for sex.
Friend #1: Ooh, look at that picture of Nick Valensi.
Friend #2: ...sexcellent...
by amanda May 22, 2003
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word used to define the relationship between male and female sisters
Jon M. and Amanda R. are pimpalicious sisters.
by amanda December 11, 2004
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n. The most beautiful, sexy, and seductive woman in the world. She is so attractive that she gets any guy she wants. She plays and pimps out every guy she wants.
by amanda December 02, 2004
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