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A small stick.

By extension of this, someone who is bone-thin, usually unattractively so, whether they are naturally that thin or not.

Usually accompanied by chicken legs and a lack of booty in both sexes, a lack of muscle tone in males, and a lack of breasts and hips and curves in females.

Also see Twiggy, legendary 1960s supermodel who idealized this androgynous, starving waif look.
"I'm not a twig and I refuse to be."
-Kate Winslet

This little twig is my granddaughter? Aren't you feeding her?! She looks like a swizzle stick!
by Lorelili November 16, 2009
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An unattractively skinny girl who has no curves, booty, or boobs.

Also a very skinny long boy without muscles.
That girl is a twig, doesn't she eat??

That twig disapears behind the light pole!
by the kool peep April 07, 2009
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A person who's everyday actions are just one step above functional retardation.
Hey man did you see Chase go down in flames trying to talk to that girl, yeah what a fucking twig
by Blacksheep Shepard March 23, 2017
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another name for blunt, since a blunt is skinny, brown and looks in a form of a twig
"ima roll up a twig wid this ten sack"-mayne
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a twig is the whole lacrosse stick. it includes the shaft, head, all of it
Bro: Can I see your twig?
Bro 2: Yeah bro, I just strung it.
by laxbroski May 19, 2009
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