A very small penis no more than three or four inches.
Ryan has such a little penis that us girls all laugh and hold up our pinkies when we see him!
by super hot Sarah May 17, 2010
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A small dick usually seen on the body of a liitle kid. Sometimes can be embarassing.
Mike has such a little penis that's it's like circle jerking with a five year old.

When I was showering after gym and saw Tim's little penis it was like showering with a baby.
by Urban Slang Master April 4, 2006
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little penis land is a faction on the famous DREAM SMP
i live in little penis land
by HalfSICKO January 11, 2021
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An person (male or female) who displays a tenuously tough covetous, jealous attitude of any nature that evolves into an lifelong obsessive competition about everything.

An person Who puffs up his chest to any other form of life including animals and further threatens to fight anyone who may ding or shatter his/her incredibly fragile ego.

Anyone can be afflicted by little penis syndrome but clinical studies show these symptoms are more prevalently displayed by men.
My truck is better than yours.

My tattoos are better than yours..

I’ll fight you over it.

Thinks he is tough but is a pussy in real life.

asshat, assclown, dumbass, chicken shit, poser little penis syndrome
by FeatherD November 22, 2017
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little bald penis aka LBP is someone who thinks that they know everything about anything but is really a geek.They flex their muscles of authority everywhere but at home where they are just a pathetic pussy whipped anti-male.They try to impress all with their knowledge of useless information which also leads to diarehha of the mouth
That little bald penis is really getting on my nerves
by Buck Burrmeister September 19, 2006
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A tiny excuse for a male organ. Makes you want to kill yourself...
A little penis will not satisfy anyone, not even yourself!
by Itty bitty bob January 15, 2020
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