a dobber is a penis. Used in Glasgow and the surrounding places instead of saying 'Ya cock', ya dick etc.
by Iguy July 14, 2004
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A Glasgow term for a dick head or in general just a stupid cunt.
See u, I'll punh ur cunt in ya fukin dobber.
by bettadayz September 2, 2015
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1. Dobber , dobbing , dobbin' :- something 'big' - big headache, big penis, big idiot, big fool
1a. England:- A 'dobber' is a large marble (small glass coloured balls kids used to play with)
2. Australia, NZ (?):- to 'dob' someone in means to squeal on someone, to expose them, tell on them
I'll match my blue dobber against your medium stripey marble.
by yewtopia December 19, 2007
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Dobber in South Derbyshire, England, means condom.
"I ran out of dobbers so I had to go up the tradesman's entrance!"
by Ian Chode January 18, 2005
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A person who turns another in for someting they've done. Also called 'telling' on someone.
"I'm going to tell Marty on you!"
"You dobber!"
by Elvellon February 7, 2005
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Glasgow has always had a Catholic/Protestant divide, traditionally Celtic are associated with the Catholic side, Rangers with the Protestant.
Protestants hold in high regard King William of Orange. Therefore to a Celtic fan, they may be "Orange Bastards."(or basturts to use the local dialect).
Add the word "Dirty" to the beginning of the phrase and you have, "Dirty Orange Bastard" the initials of which form "DOB", which is where the widely-used Glasgow phrase "Dobber" originates from. Which, yes, means that if you're a dirty Rangers fan, and you call someone a dobber, you're slagging yourself. Up ye, and mon the hoops!
Check the nick of this dobber!
by Mon the Hoops February 22, 2006
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Synonymous with Chav or Pikey,but usually slightly older.

Dobbers usually wander around in pairs wearing sports casual clothing,the males usually carry a stick (in case the DSS see them) & the females usually wear black leggings & teddy bear t shirts.They are usually excessively overweight & commonly call their offspring Chantelle or Aaron.
by The Professor June 3, 2004
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