A Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. Their phones are world renowned for being incredibly durable.
Hey Alex I just dropped my Nokia down four flights of concrete stairs and into the pool.

Oh that sucks...

I know, now when I text the 5 key makes a little squishy noise.

by mtl007 September 17, 2008
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The disappointed Finnish Father of all living mobile phones
iPhone: Heyyy I'm so cool innit, check out my touchscreen!
Nokia: I am not your Fathwe
by emna998 January 22, 2015
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A Finnish company specialising in communications equipment. Many people know Nokia for their cellphones, however they also market complete comms systems, DSL equipment, and cable TV components.

Nokia sells mainly "candybar" type phones marketed to techy nerdular types, however they sell handsets in the extreme low end (1100) and the extreme high end (Vertu) of the market.

They sell more handsets than anyone else.

The Nokia name is impossible to pronounce correctly in English because there are sounds in it that don't exist in English.
I have a Nokia ADSL modem.

And a Nokia cellphone.
by someone January 29, 2005
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a company with a wide range of fones...some you can drop in the toilet 20 times and get a decades use out of em...while others break the moment u push the on button
my nokia was one of the crap ones
by losssssssssssssser August 15, 2008
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A mobile telecom manufacturer based in Helsinki, Finland. If you own a mobile, and it doesn't suck, it's probably a Nokia.
The "sliding" Matrix phone from the first movie is a Nokia 8800 series.
by Olli Jokkipunki November 16, 2003
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Nokia is small city in southern Finland.
"Nokian by birth, rebel by choice, Finn by the grace of God."
by nreb May 10, 2012
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