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A beautiful woman with a heart of pure gold and passion. Able to warm your heart, love, cater and charm you. A protective soul with an urgency to watch over what is hers. A very understanding, powerful, yet gentle human being. A rare gem. If you got yourself an Angel, don't let go of her. Chances are you'll never find another one like her.
by Hustlebunnie March 14, 2015
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The girl that makes your heart jumps when she enters the room. She's also the sweetest good girl ever (usually with a freaky side)

The girl that is scared to love again due to her past but still trys.
The girl that deserves to be shown off.
This girl is an Angel. She is my Angel.
by Rainbowbrains July 15, 2016
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Angel is the type of girl that will steal your heart the moment you meet her. Beautiful, loyal, adored by everyone. People stop her everywhere she goes. The older she gets the hotter she's becoming. Very humble doesn't like to big note herself, she's happy to leave that to others to do. There's nothing she can't achieve. If she sets her mind on something she won't stop till she gets it. She's a money making machine by day and a money giver by night. She has a heart of gold and everyone comes to her whenever they have a problem. She's changed many peoples lives and all her friends respect her and appreciate her. She's loyal to her friends and they're loyal to her. All her friends look forward to attend her parties because she throws parties that leave people talking for months. She has a wild side that she craftly conceals. She's the female version of Superman. A lot of men desire her but she never gives them face except for one. He stole her heart along time ago and she's still waiting for him to give it back. Amazing girl, amazing personality and she has venus dimples. Angel has morals and standards and refuses to step down to anyone.
Rimo: "Angel, I"m short on cash, can I borrow $5,000?"
Angel: "Are you serious, I can't believe you're asking me... goes upstairs comes back down with $5,000"
by Angelicgrace August 10, 2017
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The only way to describe her, is her amazing talents. Her smiles, and hair, her beauty. She's the bestest friend EVER, and no one could replace her. So what if she doesn't think she's perfect? She is, she just doesn't realize it.
Angel: I'm not perfect...
Me: Yeah. You are.
by Diana Lighten November 27, 2011
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Angel is funny and strong. Angel is a person youll laugh with all day. Angel is a love magnet he can get girls quick. Angel is caring for his girl and would leave anything for her.
Girl: I'm sad.
Angel: why?
Girl: I've had the worst day.
Angel: it'll get better don't worry your the most precious thing ever every time your sad a piece in my heart dies.
Girl: thanks you always cheer me up.
by engel October 29, 2014
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1. The girl who make every one crack a smile as she enters

2. A girl who loves even when the person won't love back

3. The girl who is willing to take a bullet for a friend

4 the girl one girl who will cry with her friend to make them feel better
That girl is Angel.
by Kawaii_girl_named_pink February 20, 2015
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a girl who is broken but still fighting for what is right in her own eyes
"That girl is such an Angel"

"Have you met Angel? She's so amazing!"

"Keep it up Angel!"
by Don't Die On Me June 25, 2017
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