122 definition by aj

Binary for 1337. Show this to a supposedly "1337" lamer and watch his head explode.
Yo, "hacker." 10100111001.

-hacker's brain explodes-
by AJ August 13, 2003

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Films and TV series which exploited black popular culture. Usually revolved around badass black detectives with funky hairstyles solving crimes. Most famous is probably Shaft.
Shaft is a perfect example of blacksploitation.
by AJ April 19, 2005

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a person of unreputable background
that michael is a real hallion.
by aj March 03, 2005

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1.(adj) Lacking in quality;Bad; Not deserving of love and affection.
2. (n.) A child exhibiting these qualities.
1. Getting kicked in the nuts is totally orphan.
2. Look at that orphan, let's spit on him.
by AJ April 06, 2005

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Sweet and evil simultaneously.
Cats are so sweevil--they scratch the hell out of you one minute and curl up on your lap for a nap the next.
by aj August 09, 2004

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Now avilable in lobster and crab
These ramen noodles are $2.50 for 30 and it's like seafood. whadda deal!
by aj December 10, 2003

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1.the act of expelling feces from one's anus

2.taking a very large crap, shitting, superpooping or anything along those lines.
yo man im on the toilet giving birth to billy ill call you back.

i gotta go give birth to billy brb
by AJ January 13, 2006

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