To ejaculate very large quantity of semen.
"She told him not to come on her face, but he nutted ion her."
by Davd January 17, 2004
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squirted cum/sperm on a girls face or body.
by emmedawg July 10, 2009
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To remove the testicles of man or beast.
I was visiting my uncle's farm when he nutted some piglets with his pocket knife.
by sternhead December 27, 2011
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the process of being injured in the testicular area, AKA YOUR BALLS
Awww fuck, little Jimmy got nutted on the monkey bars...
by _-=AnThRaX-=_ March 19, 2003
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to get his hard in the testicles
i was passing baseball and i got nutted.
by mullett December 21, 2002
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nutted shotting white urine all over the couch
the dog nutted on the couch that means it will be white forever
by jeffis May 8, 2019
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