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A legendary turntablist, a DJ. AKA DJ Qbert.
Hot damn, Qbert is tearing up those turntables.
by AJ April 04, 2004

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man with huge package
woah, hes nearly as big as nossy

not quite though
by aj May 30, 2004

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1. A band of highly trained Roman Legionaries. Usually there are 600 men in a cohort.

2. A person that is a good friend.

3. A group of people.
1. The Praetorian Cohorts formed the front lines.

2. He's my cohort.

3. These people can be divided into two cohorts.
by AJ January 27, 2005

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A insulting name for Slippery Rock University, also called Slimy Pebble.
My friend Bill goes to Slippery Cock.
by AJ November 16, 2003

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Girl drummers are girls that drum duh but don't find themselves madly in love with a guy in drum line. Who wants to be a drummer cause thats who she is at heart. Who isn't afriad of what the guys will say when shes gone or that they like her or not.
Does that girl drummer like that snare player? Nope!
by Aj February 04, 2004

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A bot known for it's intense and crazy bass and soundsystem. Also known for bringing it.
I'm Bassbotically inclined with life.
by AJ April 19, 2005

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A radical feminist genderqueer person; someone who espouses both androgyny and radical gender equality politics as a way of life. A person of any sex and any sexual orientation in touch with both hir masculine side and hir feminine side. Associated with punk/riot grrrl music and the Olympia band Sleater-Kinney, who wrote a song called "Ballad of a Ladyman."
"Drew's a ladyman, ze refuses to be defined as a person by hir genitals, and ze is all about questioning assumptions and rejecting binaries!"
by AJ January 12, 2004

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