reffering to 100 proof alcohol, or 50% alcohol
Let's go to the beer store get some 100 proof bro.
by Savoy April 11, 2005
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Someone who fights well using a combat buzz. Someone who drinks a limited amount of alchohol to gain an edge in a fight.
Guy 1: holy shit why can't anyone hurt him?

Guy 2: because hes a mother fucking 100 proof warrior
by Der Kapitan October 16, 2006
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One half of the ingredients it takes to make the baby.
She won't get pregnant if you have her swallow the 100 proof baby juice.
by MD65 August 25, 2006
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It’s the name for any liquor that mixes into the system of any low life thief. You can usually smell it as if it were dripping from a white trash mustache. You usually have 100% proof that they did it while they believe they are a drunk ninja.
Yo I knew we were gonna get in trouble when my friends walked in smelling like 100 proof mustache.
by 696dfsdnkg March 01, 2020
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