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Dillon is a cute but shy guy who is easy to get along with. He is quite but will stand up for others, even fight if he has to. And don't get on his bad side.
Hi Dillon!
by Unknown spices January 24, 2019
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Basically a good person, but prone to doing dumb things. Dillon is a kind, very likable person, and is also very strange and has no problems being able to make you laugh. If you get a Dillon as a friend, keep him; he'll always listen to your problems and make you laugh afterwards. Since he's prone to doing dumb things, you'll have to step in alert him to that fact every now and then. Feel free to do so gently or harshly. He won't like it, but he'll understand you're doing it because you care about him. Try not to let him do too many dangerous dumb stunts. He has no problem doing things that will invariably end with a hard hit to the noggin, reducing his already terrible memory even further. He has a hard time relaxing, so if you have a good relaxation technique, make sure to share it with him. But most importantly, never let him doubt how much he means to you. You never know when he'll be gone, and life won't be quite the same without him.

For some, Dillon is a valuable friend. For others, a valuable Yu-Gi-Oh dueling partner. And for still others, he's both. Be careful, he could steal your heart if you're not cautious... He certainly stole mine.
Girl 1: He just spends all class playing Yu-Gi-Oh with his friends!
Girl 2: Yup, sounds like Dillon.
by Star-Seer February 07, 2012
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A name that comes from Irish and Gaelic origins, and even has its own asteroid. Originally defined as "Like a lion" or "loyal".
"Finally, a name that isn't OVERUSED! Dillon..."
by Doubled Revolutions August 05, 2012
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Dillon M.

Most amazing boy you will ever meet. He can put a smile on your face with one glance. He is kind, caring, and always concerned about you. He's one of a kind. He's not like every other person these days, who just waltzes around not caring for anyone else, simply living their life just because. He lives each day to the fullest. He strives to the best he can, and the amount of love he can hold is unbelievable. He is wonderful to be around, he's always making people laugh, by the simplest of things. He makes every moment feel like a memory worth keeping. When he laughs, it makes you want to stay right where you are and share the moment with him. He is the best boyfriend a girl could ever want, romantic, sweet, caring, humorous, silly, and he when you looks into your eyes and smiles at you, you feel like if you're with him, everything will be okay. The world could be falling down around you, and when you're in his arms, you feel like there are no worries. You feel like just living in the present.
He's one of those people who you NEVER want to leave. He's one of those people that I am going to hold onto forever. Because he's made me the happiest girl ever. : )
"There is nobody like Dillon."
by LyssaMarie December 29, 2009
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there's no way of even describing Dillon, because nothing would do him justice. Sexiest, Funniest, Sweetest, Swaggiest and most incredible guy yu could ever meet. His smile, his laugh, his eyes, his hugs, his voice and just everything about him is perfect. These are the sexiest of all Dylans and especially if you have α coloured Dillon. They are often mistaken for Dillions but they keep their cool. If you have α Dillon you better keep him because you are one lucky chick.
There's Dillon. . .♡

ı hate Dillon for being so perfect. . . What's not to be totally in love with ??
by #anonymous May 06, 2012
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The most amazing boyfriend in the whole world. He makes you feel loved even when you least deserve it. He is always there to protect and love you. He lives everyday to the fullest and never lets himself fail, he's always the best he can be. He is roughly six feet tall, has long hair, gorgeous eyes that will make you want to fall in love with him all over again everytime you look into them and a smile that is worth a millon words. When you look into his eyes, you feel a connection, a feeling you won't get with anyone else. The way he makes you feel when he wraps his arms around you is unexplainable. They say that Disneyland/Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth where all your dreams come true but they have obviously never been in his arms. He is amazingly good at playing guitar,piano and drums. When he sings to you, with that gorgeous voice, it makes your heart melt. All the sweet poems and songs he writes for and about you, make you think about how perfect Dillon really is, and make you realize if you lost him, you wouldn't know what to do with your life and you would be completely lost. He makes you forget about all the bad that was in your past, how happy you are in the present and all the great experiences you will have together in your future. I won't ever let him go, he is perfect inside and out. I could not ask for a better boyfriend. And Baby, You make me the happiest girl ever<3
No one can compare to Dillon
by Meow.RawR.SKKK November 06, 2011
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