122 definition by aj

(N)A random comment or rambling with absolutly no relativity to the conversation at hand. This term was coined in Lake George NY 2/11/05
Borkin: Hey let's go the vending machine
Rob: You dont even knwo where the vending machine is!
ginsberg---> Borkin - did columbus know where America was?...
by AJ February 14, 2005

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Techtosterone: (n) The male hormone the drives them to want and oogle technology and gizmos.
"Man, want a new computer, cell phone, and PDA... my techtosterone levels are critical!"
by AJ May 06, 2005

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the act of avoiding a friend as a means to end the friendship. Can also be used on boyfriends/girlfriends if you are particularly mean.
I am so tired of her shit. I'm not returning her calls, and I'm giving her the fade away.
by AJ August 20, 2004

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'Going downtown charlie brown' = giving someone oral sex.
Did Grace go downtown charlie brown with Mikey last night?
by AJ June 17, 2006

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(n.) A pet name used for a very close female friend. Your "monkeybutter" is usually someone you trust a lot and hold in high regard.
"Aww, you know you're my monkeybutter."
by AJ August 12, 2003

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Chav chariots are possible the lowest form of cars. Chavs who want to have sport car performance but still have their 3 illegitimate children in the rear as well as their hanging girlfriend. Such chav chariots are the Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Evo series
Wow check out Steve in his chav chariot
Wayne has got 3 kids seats in the back of his chav chariot
by AJ October 23, 2006

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Day of Defeat source. The Day of Defeat mod on the half-life 2 source engine
"dude when is dod:s coming out?"
"dod:s is never coming out!!"
by AJ March 29, 2005

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