122 definition by aj

what hick likes. hick started likeing boise when he started middle school and has liked them ever sence. he likes the dark hairy meat even more. its said with an accient, making the s a z.
hick likes boise and dark meat.
by aj March 31, 2005

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Jayhawks are fictional characters named after people during the Civil War. They are now the mascot of Kansas University Really, its like giving your school a mascot like, "bushwackers".
If you are called a Jayhawk, you should be insulted by this.
"Haha what a Jayhawk!"
"That wasn't very nice!"
by AJ November 20, 2004

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not all what its hyped up to be... ugly ass bitches n some fucked up guys.
...... do we really need one?
by aj September 01, 2004

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