122 definition by aj

Frustrated amd tired at the same time
Ur always frusty wen u come home from that dead end construction job!
by AJ February 09, 2005

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The Thursday before a Friday holiday.
I can only take 4 days of workweek hell! Thanks to the holiday, it's Thriday!
by AJ June 25, 2004

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appearence of 3D objects
i made a model for my game, i love the 3Dness of, it really comes to life....dont you think, natalie?
by aj October 25, 2007

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peace, im out, or bye
aight my nigga water
by AJ April 12, 2005

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An unclean,sweaty,trampish,shite who dresses in shitty rags and dirty scarfs. From the word gypsy
<gippo1> Ya 'ad a sho'er taday?
<gippo2> Yeah
<gippo1>You ain't a gippo den iz ya!
by AJ December 19, 2004

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someone who lives in a cheffen, has 2 beffen, and likes to go kerpleffen'
geffen oren is a good example of a geffen
by AJ July 17, 2004

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A person who has such a bad chode that they need to heat it on a hotplate before placing in a sandtrap(vagina).
Chode Mcmuffin-AKA(pat rowe)
That kid is such a chode mcmuffin!
by aj November 13, 2003

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