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A combination of "Retro" and "Trendy." The persuit of trendyness through being old school.

The 70's and 80's styles are now back in-syle, so anyone caught wearing bell-bottoms or 3/4 sleeve shit is rendy.
That dude is all dressed up in 80's clothes! He's so rendy.

Old Navy television advertisng is very rendy.
by Aaron January 06, 2005
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Word used to discribe a woman with negative ass. The opposite of ghetto booty. Short for no ass at all.
Man do u see that chick at the end of the bar.
Yeah but she was sittin down when u saw her man, she's got nasatal. Dont even think about touchin that.
by Aaron May 25, 2004
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this is a word that can mean anything because it really means nothing at all. You can thank the group Digital Underground for this one. It appeared in the song The Humpty Dance.
"I use a word that don't mean nothin, like luptid."
by Aaron May 06, 2003
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a really huge peice of shit that dangles from ur ass for seveal seconds before dropping off and splashing ur legs with piss and chunky shit. also known as mother of shits, or watermelons.
-i need to use a towel to wipe all the shitty water this huge poopoomajooboo
-man thats raunchy
-its not that bad, gabe bernard ate it so i dont have to clean
by Aaron February 20, 2004
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Phrase used to indicate your status as unfit for more then flirting with and then laughing at your awkward advances later with your stupid ugly friends, not that I am bitter, I'm over you ... really.
Please take your tongue out of my ear I like you as a friend.

I know you just took me out to an expensive dinner, fixed my car and lent me $3000 but I like you as a friend.
by Aaron May 31, 2004
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cocaine-hydrochloride (powder form)
Mother: "Samantha open this door right now, youre wedding started 20 minutes ago!"

Samantha: "One second, ma, let me just rail these last lines of yizzle"
by aaron December 04, 2003
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Hardened pieces of poo clinging lovingly to mangled asshair.
Damn Jose! This asscrust really ruins my day!
by Aaron November 05, 2002
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