Livin' Life To The Fullest (Usually Associated With College Students)
Gettin Wasted, Life Of The Party, Gettin Hoes, And Gettin Money.
Bro! I Was So Wireless At That Party This Weekend.
Them hoes Is Wireless!!
If You Aint Wireless Then Get Out!!!
All Them hoes Is Down For the Team, They Wireless As Hell!!
by Yung Mill November 29, 2010
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no wires=no snitches. Keith is awesome, yeah hes wireless !
by Why larrydictionary March 22, 2020
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adj. Without wires.
n. An object not requiring wires

adj. Sex without adequate protection.
Jimmy got it on with Kelsie last night. They were wireless.
by Xtra_Zero December 1, 2004
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A blow job, as in hands free. Getting wireless. This has replaced 'brain' as the newest term for blowjob.
That sorority house has great reception. You can get wireless in almost every room.
by matt 2879 September 7, 2006
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Staying at places that you know have WiFi access at all hours of the day.
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
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Turn that bloody wireless down. I cant get any sleep.
by Whowantspeas November 4, 2018
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