Wireless networking protocol, which allows cell phones, computers, palm devices, and some automobiles to automatically syncronize, and share data.
I got a new Bluetooth enabled Cell phone, with a wireless handsfree headset. It let me download all my contacts from my computer, into my phonebook.
by Aaron November 22, 2004
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Premature ejaculation with no physical stimulation, ie. "hands free".
Woman 1: Why did your night end early?
Woman 2: When he took off my bra, I'm pretty sure he bluetoothed and that was it.
Woman 1: Really?
Woman 2: Yeah, he tried to say it was spilled cake batter!
by Bask in it June 18, 2013
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- v. Def.- for those slightly rare occasions when fellatio is

administered using absolutely no hands.
Sh*t was crazy homie, I

never thought I could nut off a bluetooth
by O.D. Sanchez August 17, 2009
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The new fanny pack. A bad misunderstanding of the philosophy of form over function.

Among the saddest in the history of status symbols. Worn to impress when not in use. Otherwise totally annoying to bystanders when used.

The ultimate in lazyness as users prefer not to lift an arm to talk on the phone!
Hey! You talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to ME? I don't see a Bluetooth on this side of your face, so you must be talkin' to ME!

See Dick. See Dick go out with Jane. See Dick wear Bluetooth out. Youthful, wealthy, tech-savvy, Dick. See Jane embarrassed of her date. See Jane not know who Dick is talking to at any given moment. See Jane slap that dorky sh*t right off Dick's head! Don't be a Dick.

by Bradlecat April 11, 2008
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I Got That Bluetooth From The Girl At The Club Last Nite...Didn't Even Use Her Hands
by mshadep84 July 21, 2010
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The act of a girl giving a guy head while using no hands.

A "hands free" BJ
Friend 1: That girl used no hands when she sucked my dick

Friend 2: So she gave you a bluetooth

"Yo I got a bluetooth from that chick"
by axbz April 8, 2010
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When a girl is wearing big hoop earrings and a guy locks her heels into her hoop earrings in order to alleviate the stress of holding her legs up.
My arms were tired from holding her legs up, so i enabled her Bluetooth.
by Hotnicks August 1, 2010
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