14 definitions by a wild bandaid

When you get hit by something/someone in your balls/testicles so hard you scream nutcracker
Aiden:haha, got hit in the balls didn't you?
Finn:rlly dude?
by a wild bandaid May 07, 2017
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a word that is usually said when you touch something hot/hit something painful or to sympathize for someone's pain
Cal: ouch, i stubbed my toe!
Jack:Ouch, that must hurt.
by a wild bandaid May 07, 2017
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a popular term that is usually used by teens/young adults/people who don't have the maturity. it's usually said when some dude plops in with some visually poor shoes, viewed by people as hand made shoes. this orginally came from a vine of which a cop had some shoes, and a guy said 'WHAT ARE THOOOSE!!?', and got popular quickly.
John: guys you like the shoes i made?
Steve: i got one question for ya,
Steve:what are those
Will:those look like they just got 3d printed and he just slapped his own logo on it

Abraham:even my grandma has better shoes than those..
John:this is why i'm not a virgin..
by a wild bandaid May 06, 2017
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a phrase/reaction to something that is strange/abnormal to the person/you, usually when you see some weird shit.
Matt:what the hell? Mike & Angela are kissing?
Daren:now that's some weird shit, what the hell.
by a wild bandaid May 06, 2017
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when somebody acts in a manner that is uncommon/strange
Deshawn: you weird as fuck dude
Alyssa: no wonder Delilah doesn't like you..
by a wild bandaid May 07, 2017
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A usually white substance that looks like salt but can be easily differed from due to it's sweet taste. this gives a quick burst of energy & usually makes kids hyper due to their small capacity for sugar. it's usually on candies & drinks.
Yun: i want Sugar now!
Yin:you sure bro? you're only 7 and just a small amount can make you hyperactive!
Yun: you be quiet silly goose ill get it myself!
by a wild bandaid May 06, 2017
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a phrase that is said when a person has a butt that looks nice & hard to not look at, typically said by guys but can be also said by girls, if they're into that stuff.
Logan:damn delilah! dat ass!
Will:can i get a slice of that?
John:lol you losers go get a gf
Will,Abraham,Logan,Andrew,&Chad: John shut the fuck up!!
Delilah:guy fights... really.
Alyssa: I agree.
by a wild bandaid May 07, 2017
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