Daren is a friend who will always be there for you. He may be shy and boring at first but trust me once you get to know him you are going to see how great of a person he is. He is very humorous and and amazing. Also Daren is someone who is very attractive, but he doesn't admit it, some of them have self-confidence problems and think they are ugly. They don't like to see their friends sad or mad, this will hurt them and make them do anything to make their friends feel better. AND TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING, IS BECAUSE THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING. They are very trustworthy, and once you mess with them you cant get out of it till you get what you deserve. They don't like to talk about their emotions nor their personal problems, if they have a problem they will solve it themselves because they don't like when people get in their problems. Daren is a very fun person to be around with, and if you ever have a Daren as your friends, don't do anything to upset them, because there is no one you can compare them with. They are also quite romantic, if they are dating a girl or a boy, they will make them feel very loved and safe, Daren's will treat them as their queen's or king's , they will always be there for you no matter what.
Person "Hey Daren you're cute"
Daren "I know you are lying, you are just saying that to make me feel better about my self, and that's not going to happen."

Person *Crying*
Daren "Are you okay?, Is there something i can do to make you feel better?"
by HeY It'S jUsT tHe TrUtH May 20, 2019
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1: Daren Is A Handsome , Tall , And Has A Great Sense Of Humor

2: Daren is One Of God's Greatest Creation

3: Daren Loves To Make People Laugh , And Do Comedy , Even When its Not The Right time , But He's Does It For A Good Purpose
Daren is A Rich Domini-aitian Living Life
by Jacob Miller March 14, 2017
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Used when describing a very considerate, handsome man.
That guy over there is so Daren, don't you think?
by Beth April 20, 2005
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When you have a crush on somebody but suddenly you stop liking that person so you start ignoring them.
I don't like him anymore
Don't Daren him. Give him another chance.
by mlkndhn February 12, 2020
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A male Karen, Usually a complete asshole that will complain about everything, Usually has the same bitchy attitude as a Karen. And as much of an entitled dumbass as possible.
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An angry, always complaining, right-wing extremist. Often a middle-aged trumpist who wears sunglasses and has one of these ugly haircuts.
They use facebook to post minion memes and insult Gen Z.

Darens also hate to be exposed on social media and get filmed, everytime they go to a fast-food they bully the teenage workers to depression and complain to the manager
They are also very sexist, if single ,and frequent forums like r/incel or 4chan.

They are toxic traditionalists and patriotists:
Darens often say things like ''return to your country'' to any immigrant they meet to furter up their racist ideology. They believe things like being lgbt is a mental illness. They are often ableist and can also be seen manifesting in front of government building with ''God hates fags'' signs.
Darens just like Karens are anti-vaxers and complotists and will post things on facebook like ''vaccines give autism'', they often get arrested because they do not want to wear masks in public.
Unlike Karens they are rarely obsessed with their children's safety. If they are married, it is often with a calm lady or a Karen, in the latter their children are surely school bullies.

Basically the masculine version of a Karen.
Coworker 1: This man keeps screaming that he wants coffee when we sold the last cup.
Coworker 2: I know, such a Daren!
by Street Dictionary April 23, 2022
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