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A gorgeous girl who can make you laugh when your down. This girl is loyal, sexy, admirable, all the guys want her but she stays loyal to the one she loves, and she has the best personality. The word lilah means night many might say that the name means princess of night
Guy 1: There goes Delilah!
Guy 2: I wish she was mine..
Guy 3-100000: WE ALL DO!
by xSlaayKitty February 14, 2015
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The most beautiful woman you've ever seen. She's sweet, thoughtful, loyal, and more gorgeous than anyone on earth. After seeing her once you'll be dying to see her again, and without effort she'll make you smile until your face hurts. Her smile warms the earth, she has a heart of gold, and one look into her eyes and you'll fall in love.
Win: Oh mah gahd, who is that?!
Tal: I don't care.
Win: Man, that's a real Delilah right there!
Tal: Okay.
by 420baby March 13, 2016
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A beautiful caring girl who has a big heart , comforts her friends when they're down and is very open to people she cares about
person 1 : Delilah is so sweet
person 2 : I need a gf like her
by pseudoonym:) March 13, 2017
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An independent woman. Who has sex appeal but yet smart, very loyal, funny, shy at first, honest, trys to make everyone happy, has a big heart, and has big goals.
Dam that's definetely a Delilah!
by jazzypooh February 08, 2010
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a sexy, hot girlll. with brown eyes and brown hair. she has reaat boobs and and a rockin body. overall she is h-o-t.
person 2 : Lemme hit dat.
by Haaaaaaaaysexy October 30, 2011
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This is the name of Freddie Mercury's favorite cat (lead singer of Queen). The song "Delilah" on Queen's album Innuendo is written for this cute is that :D

Freddie has a handmade vest with all of his cats on it. Delilah is on this vest. This vest is featured in the These are the Days of Our Lives video.

video of song:
search Delilah Queen on youtube

I would have put links to the song, the vest photo, a photo of Delilah, and a video of Delilah but they arent allowed apparently :(

Delilah Delilah
Oh my oh my oh my you're irresistible
You make me smile when I'm just about to cry
You bring me hope you make me laugh - and I like it
You get away with murder so innocent
But when you throw a moody you're all claws and you bite
That's all right

Delilah Delilah
Oh my oh my oh my you're unpredictable
You make me so very happy
When you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me
And then you make me slightly mad
When you pee all over my Chippendale suite

Delilah Delilah
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

You take over my house and home
You even try to answer my telephone
Delilah you're the apple of my eye

Meeow meeow meeow
Delilah I love you Delilah
Oh you make me so very happy
You give me kisses and I go out of my mind ooh
Meeow meeow meeow
You're irresistible - I love you Delilah
Delilah I love you

Hah hah
You make me very happy
Oh yeah - I love your kisses
I love your kisses
I love your kisses
I love your kisses
I love your your your kisses
I love your kisses
by 16yearoldQueenFan! September 03, 2009
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